This international level conference its aim to be more specific in the development and cutting-edge papers related to Philosophy, Theology and Oriental Studies. The main goal of the PHILOTIS 2018 is to provide an opportunity for academicians and professionals from various Philosophy, Theology and Oriental Studies related fields from all over the world to come together and learn from each other. An additional goal of the conference is to provide a place for academicians and professionals with cross-disciplinary interests related to Philosophy, Theology and Oriental Studies to meet and interact with members inside and outside their own disciplines.

PHILOTIS 2018 aims to be a premier venue for researchers and industry practitioners to share their new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from in Philosophy, Theology and Oriental Studies.

Track 1 : Philosophy Studies and Research

  • Philosophy and Religion
  • Philosophy and the Arts
  • Philosophy and Public Policy
  • Philosophy and Technology
  • Philosophy and Culture
  • Philosophy and Education
  • Philosophy and Peace Studies
  • Comparative Philosophy
  • Linguistics, Language and Philosophy


Track 2 : Religion Studies and Research

  • Religion, Politics, and Public Discourse
  • Religion Studies
  • Religion & Sustainability
  • Religions in Conflict
  • Gender and Religion
  • Separation of Church and State
  • State Funding of Church Schools
  • Women’s Health Care and Religions
  • Religious Tolerance
  • Religion and Racial Segregation
  • History of World Religion
  • Religious Traditions
  • Secularism
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Religious Ethics


Track 3 : Theology Studies and Research

  • Theology
  • Theism and Atheism
  • Feminism and Religious Traditions
  • Religion and Education
  • Religion and Peace Studies
  • Mysticism, Faith, and Scientific Culture
  • Interfaith Dialogue
  • Comparative Religion
  • Linguistics, Language and Religion
  • Interdisciplinary – Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies
  • Public Religion and Secularity
  • Religious Diversity in Arts
  • Immigration History and Religion
  • Religion and Terrorism
  • Religion Diversity and State
  • Anthropology, Psychology and Theology


Track 4 : Islamic Studies and Research

  • Islam, Modernity and Globalization
  • Islam, Tolerance, Pluralism and Diversity
  • Sufism, Political Stability and World Peace
  • Islamic Philosophy Today
  • Piracy, Politics and Economy
  • Muslims Perspectives on Piracy and Captivity
  • Political, Economic, Social and Philosophical Movements within The Muslim World


Track 5 : Other Theology Studies and Research

  • African Traditional Religion
  • The afterlife and the final end
  • Salvation in African Indigenous Religion
  • The Supreme God and Human
  • Towards a Genuine Dialog between Christianity and African Indigenous Religion
  • The Other Theology Religion Studies and Research